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Equip yourself with lifelong parenting strategies, information, and skills.

Healthy Relationships

Learn how to handle conflict, communicate better, and much more.

Economic Stability

Learn about the importance of managing your finances and its impact on you and your family.

Our Mission

The Mission of Pathways for Fathers and Families is to promote family stability, creating a better quality of life for the children of Milwaukee County.

About Us

Helping Fathers Become Stronger

Pathways serves low-income biological fathers, expectant and adoptive fathers, stepfathers, or a person who is serving as a father figure for a dependent child or young adult up to 24 years old who lives in Milwaukee County. Joining Pathways, you'll be involved in three blended core program services and workshops.

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What Others Have to Say

Read comments from fathers who participated in the Pathways Program!

I thought I was the best parent and partner I could be until I took your class. But I learned I really wasn’t. This class has taught me a lot of things I was doing wrong. I no longer have a woman, I have a queen I will be going home to. So with that said I would like to thank all the people who have opened my eyes to things I did not see. I would recommend this class to anyone who thinks they have it all right because chances are they don’t. And once again thank you All.

I’m gonna never forget the life changing lessons I encountered in fatherhood. I’m gonna be the father I wished I always had and keep my children out of a place like this. (HOC participant)

I most definitely would recommend this class to many other dads that are looking to better their relationships with their kids as well as spouse. I love the class.

“I am Dad” program actually helped me out more than I thought it would. It made me look at my relationship with my kids’ mother different. I realized there’s better ways to go about handling situations! I’ve been “sliding” and not deciding!

I really recommend that other fathers take this course because the kids need their dads. Dads are important to their children.

We learned a lot about being better fathers and the affects our negative thinking and decisions have on our children which in turn affects our relationships with our children. We have to lead positive life styles and love our children at all cost, no matter if we think we’re sacrificing. Our Children come first! That’s the most important piece of information I can give a man. Think about those children brotha.

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